Basement Remodeling

A way to give yourself the extra space you didn’t know you needed

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Make the most of your home

It’s no secret that our lives evolve over time. We buy a house, get married, have kids, the kids go to college… and the kind of space you need during each of these phases is vastly different.

For many homeowners, the extra space you’re looking for is sitting untouched underneath the home. Home additions are a wonderful way to get the space you need, but when you invest in a basement remodel you’re making the most of the space you have first.

You don’t have to continue avoiding your basement because it’s a cluttered mess you don’t want to deal with. Let’s make it a place you’re excited to visit every day!

How It Works

Your New Basement In 3 Simple Steps

Schedule Your Consultation

The first step is to schedule a consultation with us so we can learn all about your project. We’ll talk pricing and timeline to make sure we’re a good fit.

Design Your Basement

We work together to design your perfect basement. From choosing accents to deciding how to expand the kitchen, we’ll finalize the details together.

Your Basement Is Built

The basement you’ve always wanted comes to life. While we work to create your dream basement, all you need to do is get ready to enjoy your beautiful new space!

Your basement as an untapped resource is…

Wasted space! Unfinished basements are just waiting to be capitalized on. When you finish a basement, you add square footage to your home. This adds value to your home while also giving you an amazing “new” place to turn to.

Here are some of the latest trends homeowners like you are adding to their basement:

Create the perfect at-home getaway

Imagine this: first you buy a house with an unfinished basement with the intent to renovate it one day. Then you get married and it starts to turn into a cluttered storage area. Then the kids come along, and you need even more storage or maybe an extra bedroom.

Then things get fun as the kids get older. You want a separate entertainment space to watch the game with friends. Or a dedicated office space. Or somewhere to send the kids when company is over.

Basements are a fun space to renovate because of how versatile they are, and because of how you can transform them over time. Where will you take yours next?

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