About Peter Playdon Construction


Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what is going on with your project. We provide you access to an online portal that will keep you up to date through every step.


You are trusting us to get a job done. You will be able to rest assured that we are going to deliver


The complete package.  Most people have ideas that they want to being to life but do not know where to start.  We help with all phases. 

Meet The Team


When I’m not thinking about construction and remodeling (which isn’t often) You can find me spending my time with friends and family. I enjoy just hanging out BBQing, sitting next to the fire and just laughing and relaxing with the ones closest to me.
I enjoy taking the bike out and just riding. It never really matters where or how far, there is just something about getting in the wind and letting your thoughts and stresses dissipate.
I Love the Beach, it doesn’t matter if I’m sitting in the sand, walking on the boardwalk or just cruising up the coast on the bike. I feel so much lighter when I’m near the water. The views, the sound, the smell, EVERYTHING about it is just pure serenity to me. 

Sarah-Project Coordinator

When I’m not weeding through the details of all the projects going on, I enjoy shopping (mostly for others), Baking and Entertaining! We love having people over for visits whether it be hanging out around the fire or throwing someone a birthday party. I also like going away and seeing different areas of the country. I’m a HUGE Dog Lover and love spending time with my pups and taking them on walks and sometimes some runs out on the ocean shores. When I get some time alone you may find me curled up on the couch scrolling through Pinterest coming up with some home projects for myself.